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Chen Moore and Associates understands that successful urban environments are composed of a number of elements that must be seamlessly integrated. Development must be pedestrian friendly and encourage street level activity. Vehicular circulation must be carefully orchestrated to calm traffic and provide a variety of discrete parking solutions that maintain the urban fabric and promote density. Historic structures must be preserved and civic spaces revived. Identity and clarity should be enhanced with streetscape improvements, attractive landscaping, and wayfinding systems.

Great neighborhoods, and by extension, great cities, are coveted for their lively streets rather than their buildings. CMA integrates this philosophy into our streetscape design. Great streets form the glue that holds a successful community together. Our philosophy of community and streetscape design involves developing a hierarchy of streets to respond to the varying urban use and density conditions and establishing appropriate standards for each street type.


CMA has been involved in many public transit projects as well as in street and highway alignment and design. We not only value walkable, pedestrian friendly streets, but also strive to increase accessibility by expanding public transit opportunities. 

Our transportation services include streets and highway design, master planning, geometric intersection design, conceptual design and alternatives analysis, maintenance of traffic design, pedestrian and bicycle pathway design, operational and safety studies, land use plan amendments, traffic calming design, circulation and roundabout design, corridor planning, streetscape design, hardscape design and cost estimating.