Sunset Islands 3&3
South Runway - Work Area Plan
5-7 Pompano SWMP


As a locally-oriented, small-business in Broward County, Chen Moore and Associates began its focus on water resources decades ago by resolving local flooding issues and insuring regulatory compliance for the projects of our municipal clients.  

As our staffing and sophistication grew, we began preparing regional studies and master plans for clients such as the City of Pompano Beach and the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.  CMA worked on local and regional projects to model segments of existing neighborhoods throughout South Florida, modeling and designing solutions for projects in over 40 municipalities from Lake Okeechobee to Key West.  During this time CMA utilized hydrologic and hydraulic modeling tools such as ICPR4, EPA-SWMM and XPSWMM to evaluate individual and regional stormwater projects and Best Management Practices.  CMA has prepared Basis of Design Reports (BODR) and detailed capital improvement project strategies within many of these areas, and provided thorough oversight of project implementation in the role of construction manager.  CMA has also worked to identify and address opportunities for stormwater system retrofits with developers, community redevelopment agencies, and other entities that are revitalizing urbanized areas where the existing level of service for the infrastructure is less than the current standards.  Bringing all of these planning and design skills together with extensive construction management experience throughout South Florida, CMA has provided the City of Miami Beach resilient infrastructure solutions to sea level rise and king tide conditions as exemplified by our award winning design-build project on Sunset Islands III and IV.  All of these projects and the key staff that developed these solutions are working together to provide our comprehensive approach to water resources firm-wide. 

Since our founding, CMA are matching our areas of growth with the needs of the State of Florida.  In 2017, our Water Resources Department was founded to address State-wide concerns with flood protection, resilient infrastructure, and environmental restoration.  Our approach applies equal measures of innovative technologies, non-traditional delivery methods, hard-earned experience, unending ambition and continuous effort.