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Chen Moore and Associates has extensive experience in paving, grading and drainage design in project types ranging from large-scale county and municipal work, to master plan scale, smaller neighborhoods and site-specific, small scale, detailed designs. Our experience encompasses all phases of project development, including conceptual planning, stormwater modeling, detailed design and analysis, utility coordination, government agency permitting, and project construction.


Water and Sewer 

CMA has worked with public, semi-public and private clients to provide a wide range of water and sewer consulting engineering services including large-scale master planning and modeling, existing system assessments, design and rehabilitation, and new site development design, permitting and construction. Our experience includes the planning, design, permitting and construction of over 80 miles of watermain, 50 miles of gravity sewer, 20 miles of force main, 200 pump stations (ranging from 100 gpm to 24,000 gpm), five large diameter mains in FDOT rights of way (20” to 48” force main) and 10 directional drills.

GIS Services

CMA uses GIS data for the design of utility drainage projects, which require building 3-D surface models to delineate drainage basins; extracting data on surface area and volumes; then extracting those results into pipe flow diagrams; and finally importing this information into stormwater models. We have built complicated geo-databases and have applied these tools to single parcel clients to very large county projects. We have developed these tools generically and can adapt the technology and procedures to any client of any size.

Our GIS applications include the following: Parcel Data – Identifies property lines and residents within a project area; Roads Data – Basic mapping and coordinating with sunshine one; Project Boundary – Created by project to determine surrounding properties and projects; Aerial Photographs – Identifies possible field conditions for conceptual layout; Drainage / Sewer / Water Atlas – Determines existing conditions; USDA Soils – Used for drainage permit maps; Flood Zones – Used for drainage permit maps; LIDAR – Topographic modeling of drainage basins; Building Footprints – Calculates pervious / impervious areas for drainage modeling; Rainfall Data – Used for drainage modeling; Contamination Sites – Used for dewatering permits